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MBMF R-Sociate

Using AdBlockers And Proxies On MBMF

Created by: MikeTheAdmin 14 June 2022 - 23:15 Section: The MBMF Office 0 Views Replies: 0 Last reply by

Our platform is heavily dependent on revenue raised from our sponsors to provide the means by which our users are remunerated.

Put simply, if there is no ad revenue forthcoming, then there is NO ability to pay our users!

Therefore the very hard and fast rule is that if you are unable to or will not whitelist the MBMF site, then you are NOT eligible to use the site for the purpose of taking our monies and we would ask you to leave, no hard feelings.

This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Service and you agreed to these terms when you created an account, so please be considerate regarding the matter.

Anyone found circumventing our adblock detection mechanisms (and we will know) will have their accounts banned and lose any and all points they may have accrued, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Proxies are prohibited due to their potential for misuse relative to operating more than one account on MBMF, we ask that you respect this and anyone found to be using a proxy to visit MBMF to operate more than one account will face an immediate ban and loss of all accrued points ... NO EXCEPTIONS!

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