MBMF R-Sociate
MBMF R-Sociate
  • Hooray, We Are Now Open In A Beta Capacity!

    By: MikeTheAdmin 17 June 2022

    Hello Everyone,

    We are in Beta and have 10 slots available for beta testers.

    Why not come along and check us out, while you earn money online?

  • Early Bird Ad Placements

    By: MikeTheAdmin 09 June 2022

    Anyone seeking an early bird ad placement at a special 'early bird before we launch' price point should contact us NOW!

  • About Our Advertisements

    By: MikeTheAdmin 04 June 2022

    G'Day MBMF'ers,

    We understand there a a number of advertisements from our sponsors dotted about the place.

    We would like our users to understand that without our sponsors and their ads there would be NO funding to pay to our members and as such they form a very important part of our platform.

    As well as that, the content provided by our sponsors is inclined to be quite interesting and likely beneficial to your endeavours.

    We encourage every visitor here to support our sponsors at every opportunity!


  • Things Are Coming Together Nicely

    By: MikeTheAdmin 30 May 2022

    G'day Punters,

    Well, I don't know if its apparent to you but our extremely talented staff working behind the scenes have been up to their eyeballs in making MBMF one heck of a place to visit.

    There are many cosmetic changes and some awesome new features have been added for your continued enjoyment.

    And it does not stop there, with many new things on the drawing board to be implemented over the coming days and weeks, so please stay tuned and check back regularly to stay on top of things.

    The MikesBeerMoneyForum Team

  • Hello Everyone

    By: MikeTheAdmin 23 March 2022

    We are very excited your here and look forward to seeing you around the site.

    Regularly post, reply, advertise and otherwise participate in the sites activities and be rewarded with MBMF Points which are redeemable for real cash money!

    Kindly note that we are in a testing stage here at MBMF and that registrations are currently closed, however we are VERY close to going live!

    The MikesBeerMoneyForum Team.

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