MBMF R-Sociate
MBMF R-Sociate

Is BeerMoneyForum Legit?

Today we talk about one a popular forum on the WWW that can help you actually make money and its called BMF, this site has a great vibe to it with everyone about making money, so if you are into money you are going to love this site.

How I found BMF.

I did not know about this place until I started my own new website here at MBMF.

This MBMF site is new and people were just learning about it but one of the members of BMF created a thread about MBMF and I stumbled upon the site while reading my own reviews and I was not disappointed.


My site got a lot of people's attention there and was doing very well, it was very well received and I was so excited talking to the members of BMF about my own site and updating them with the latest news. 

I was very happy that MBMF was doing well there and as a result of exposure on BMF I have got a lot of visits to this site. 

 Why It's Good. 

Because people there are very friendly and they want to help each other with their online money making endeavours. 

 I have even sold a bit of stuff  there and made some real and actual monies. 

 I really like this community and hope that we can benefit each mutually going forward.

 Is It Legit? 

The short answer is yes it is and not only you can learn about making money lots of different ways there but you also get to earn points for each contribution you make to the site which can then be redeemed these points for cash ... woot!


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