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Identifying Flippa Scams

Identifying scams on Flippa is very important to being successful when acting as a buyer on the this platform. 


Sadly, there are many scammers on Flippa just ready and waiting to pounce on your hard earned gold.


When trying to identify a Flippa scam:


 #1 – Pass On The Poor Quality Sites.


It goes without that you should pass on the poor quality sites when searching for something to purchase.


If a site looks poor quality then it is poor quality and should be avoided altogether.


People looking to take you down are often lazy and reluctant to put much effort into making their web properties look good.


Browse the site, checking its content and if its written badly, full of grammatical errors or riddled with broken links then its best avoided.


#2 – Site Revenue.


A site without revenue is not necessarily a bad thing given some real pearls hit the market that are new and have not yet been marketed.


Maybe the webmaster lost interest or ran out of funds to take the project further so use common sense in making a decision.


Certainly a website making money is an ideal scenario but these sites will come at a premium price reflecting their earning capacities.


Above all, perform your due diligence and NEVER rely on a seller conning you with a statement like “This is the next Google, be quick” ... slow and steady wins the race.


#3 – Duplicate Content Is Bad.

A red flag for possible scammers will be duplicate content, where content is cut and pasted from other sources in an effort to save both  time and some money in the process.


Checking for this duplicate content can be as simple as using an online tool such as Grammarly, simply enter the articles text into the Grammarly tool and it will report on what it feels is both right and wrong about it.


#4 – Review The Sellers History.


While your browsing sites, make sure you check on the sellers previous history, making sure there is little or nothing in the way of  negative feedback.


In fact, positive feedback is the ticket and what you should be seeking in a seller.


#5 – Review Traffic Statistics.

Ask to see the sites analytics to determine the sites traffic legitimacy, bounce rate and countries of origin.


While sites with plenty of organic traffic are likely genuine, beware of shysters sending large amounts of VERY low quality purchased traffic which is a sure sign that you are about to be conned!


Use your nose, if something smells bad in Denmark, it probably is.


#6 – Fake Reviews.

There will be sellers wanting to boost their sites credibility by purchasing fake reviews, which are generally easy to spot given they lack much substance.

These reviews will be on sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot and others so if you come across lots of very short but praiseworthy reviews be warned!


Paying some attention to what’s written above should go some way in helping you not get scammed when trying to purchase your next web property.


There are numerous opportunities to make some money on Flippa but should be very careful given there are those who would part you from your money in a most ruthless fashion.


Perform your due diligence before parting with your gold, seek advice if need be and when your ready then purchase with confidence.


Best of luck and happy hunting!



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